Get To Know - The Golf Society

March 01 2018 – TGS News

Get To Know - The Golf Society
Get To Know - The Golf Society

Here's a quick Q&A from the most commonly asked questions through to our Customer Service Email.

Q. Where are you guys based?
A. We're based on the Central Coast of NSW - an hour North of Sydney

Q. Is it possible to visit your warehouse to try on the clothing displayed on
A. Absolutely. You just need to make an appointment.

Q. Are the items on the site held at your premises?
A. Yes, everything you see on the site is held in our warehouse ready to be shipped immediately.

Q. If the item you're after is not available on the site can it still be ordered?
A. A lot of items are ordered as a one-off season release but there's also many that can be ordered from our brands. Call 
through to our 1300 number to speak with our customer service team for any specific requests.


Q. What's the most popular item you sell?
A. Easy. Anything in blue!


Q. If our order doesn't fit can we send it back?
A. Absolutely. We want your order to fit perfectly, so we've made the process as easy as possible with free returns - no questions asked!

Q. I'm trying to buy a gift, can you help me out with sizes?
A. We really encourage any customer that has the slightest concern with sizes to contact us through our Customer Service Email. We'll be able to cross
reference other clothing you may already have with the brand you're looking to purchase...we're pretty confident we'll get 
it right!